Lindsey Mueller Pinups

Photographed 12/20/2009
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Lindsey Mueller

Lindsey was visiting and wanted to shoot, and I had an idea for a pinup based on a pilot's helmet I had recently been given. So we went to a local military surplus and whipped up a pilot costume and did this shoot.

We did this so quickly that the execution sufffered a bit, and it didn't turn out quite as good as it looked in my head, but we certainly tried.

The main thing was that we had fun. Lindsey was game for it and she looks good in the shots. I would love to take another shot at this idea now and improve on it.

The thing I learned from this shoot was to not be afraid to try something different. You have short notice, little time to plan, so what? Go for it. Do what you want to do and see what you get.

Enjoy the images below.