Kroah Family

Photographed 5/02/2009
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Darlene Kroah and I went to high school together. I reconnected with her in 2008 and was asked to do a family portrait in early 2009. We finally got together and shot in my studio and a local park.

I think I did pretty good with these images. It was a challenge shooting in bright daylight in the park. I am happy with the images we got.

2018 UPDATE: I recently re-edited these images to fix some problems I had with them. I think this was the first serious portrait session I did where I really pulled my skills together. It's not perfect, but it's good. I have several images I am especially proud of from this session. The solo shots of Kayla Kroah for example are good, and the family shots in the park stand out to me. This is where I started to become more of a professional photographer.

Enjoy the images below.