Thriving Ivory at The Troubadour

Photographer: David Arnspiger

Thriving Ivory, round 2. I first shot one of their shows at The Viper Room, a club I had never shot in before. Now I got to shoot them again at The Troubadour. On that stage, where so many great had played, and I was there. I'd seen a bunch of shows there, but photographing a band in that room was a real kick for me.

The major issue I had was the lighting. A very dark room, with blues, reds and purples as the lighting choices that night. It was a really difficult room to work with, but I managed.

I would have liked to work the center of the room more instead of the left and right sides because there would have been some killer shots of Clayton Stroope with the Troubadour sign above his head. Sadly, there were too many people jammed in there to allow for that. Overall, good shots. Hope I get another chance to work with these guys in this venue.

Enjoy the images below.