J.B.'s Debut

Photographed 12/26/2008
Photographer: David Arnspiger

J.B. had shot with me for pinup photos recently. She told me that she had this burlesque show coming up and it was her debut. She had actually performed previously under a different name, but this was the big start of her new thing. She asked me to come and take photos of the show.

Now I was still learning how to shoot in clubs, and admittedly these are not the greatest photos. However, I felt like I should share them because it was the debut of a star.

J.B. and I had a falling out later on which is why I only use her initials. She only wanted the best pictures out there, and I get that, but this is still a terrific moment in the start of a career. She moved on to bigger and better things after this, and I am happy to see her success.

Enjoy the images below.