Chris Pierce Band, Hotel Cafe

Photographed 8/13/2008
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Chris Pierce Band was the act just before the Elliot Randall Band performed at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA..

Jon Butcher from Jon Butcher Axis, a great 80s band, was the guitarist in Chris' band. It was a real blast getting to meet him. Once I found out who he was I made it a point to walk up and introduce myself. He joked about nobody remembering his band, so I proved I was a true fan by showing him that I have one of his songs on my phone. I am such a geek.

I used Chris as my test for shooting the Elliot Randall Band later that evening. The Hotel Cafe likes to keep it dark with just a single sport in the center of the stage. Shooting without flash made it nearly impossible to get decent shots of the side players. I asked the guy in the back of the room if he could bump the light up a little, but he would only do it for the band I was there to shoot, which makes sense. Who am I to ask?

Chris is a terrific singer and I really liked his set. You should check him out.

Enjoy the images below.