Pink Fuzz (2020)

Photographed 2/13/2020
Photographer: David Arnspiger

I saw a band called Bandits open for Heart here in Colorado. They were great. Shortly thereafter they became Pink Fuzz.

I have wanted to photograph them for a long time. I finally got the opportunity to do so at a local club called Surfside 7 in Fort Collins.

The lighting was awful, and the guitarist was in the dark most of the time. The fact that I got as many images as I did is minor miracle. Hopefully I will get to shoot them in a better club in the future.

Check them out on YouTube or their web page.

A side note, the guitarist and bassist in this band are brother and sister, and they have another sister who is the lead singer and guitarist for The Lumineers, another cool band.

The first four images were taken with my little 2 MP LEGO camera. I like to take behind the scenes shots with it at my normal photo shoots, so I thought I ought to try it out on this concert. Weird shots, but I kind of like them.

Enjoy the images below.