The Art Of Letting Go

Posted 9/4/2019
Author: David Arnspiger

This is about version 20 of this note. Every previous version got too long and felt whiny.

I am in the process of binning my social media presence on Twitter, Ello, Diaspora and a few others. I am sticking to Instagram because it is more about the images than the rest of these sites, so when I have new shots to post, they will be there, and on my web page.

Facebook is my challenge. It is intertwined with my world like a thousand armed octopus and will probably never let go. I have friends there, and I want to keep in touch.

I have looked at how Facebook affects me, and I don't like it. I will miss the good aspects, but the bad outweights my desire to stay directly involved.

I will post to Facebook remotely, from outside the wall, when I have something to say. Those posts will provide contact information for me outside of Facebook. I will never actually be on Facebook, but I can still intereact with the people I care to interact with. I am also going to continue using Messenenger for private messages.

I just want out of the loop of reading comments and looking at my Likes and sifting through the crap that is posted trying to find something good. It isn't important to me anymore.

I am also going to stop relying on past glories in an effort to gain attention. You want to see what I have done before, well I have a great big web site for that. The good, the bad and the ugly are all represented there.

I am going to focus on expanding my creativity and my skillset.

I want to find creative partners like my friend Rebecca. When we worked together in Las Vegas, we were a great team. She brought as much, if not more to the table than I did. We created a lot of images I am very proud of. Losing that partnership was like tearing off an arm, and I need to grow that arm back.

I am going to find people who are willing to spend time experimenting and perfecting ideas. I want to find people who want to work on an idea until it is ready to be shot. Who are willing to come over and play and try things out without the expectation to have finished shots for posting. If we do get some great, but it isn't required. Experimentation.

I am getting back to what I used to do which was trying shit and fucking up a lot before I got the right thing.

Where are those people? I need to find you. I think I already know a couple of you, I just need to work on building those relationships.

So yes, I am gone from Facebook, but I will still be a part of Facebook. I just won't be wading though political posts, nasty comments, cat memes and all the other BS. I will miss the positive posts a lot of my friends share, but in order to stay sane, I need to stay away.

You will hear from me from time to time as I am looking for people to work with. Eventually I will start posting NEW photos on my web site and sharing links to them from there.

You will know how to reach me if you want to. Until then I will see you around.


PS: I told you it was weird, and this really is the short version!