Cat Club: Self Inflicted

Photographed 4/25/2007
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Certain people come into your life and bring with them many changes. Such is my friendship with Darren Miller-Pfeufer. For a couple of years he was the source of many projects for me. I had a great deal of fun and learned a lot working with him.

Darren and Madame Sunset hosted Self Inflicted at The Cat Club in Hollywood, CA on April 16th, 2008. This show featured four bands and four burlesque acts. The bands were The Lizard Queens, Gina, High Priestess and Hollyboots. Madame Sunset, Dolphina, Countess Nikki and Gemma D'Vine provided the burlesque. High Priestess brought along her family of singers, dancers and performers as well and they provided quite a show.

This was one of my early forways into shooting in clubs. The Cat Club didn't have the best lighting to work with, but it wasn't the worst. It had some great spots I could perch in and shoot from up close or at a distance.

I had a great deal of fun with this event when I accidentally discovered shooting with a slow shutter speed and flash. One of the performers from High Priestesses troup was using a lighted Hula Hoop and I got some crazy effects shooting this way.

I miss that place. There are some good memories for me in these shots.

Enjoy the images below.