Lindsey Mueller I

Photographed 10/12/2006
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Lindsey Mueller

Family, they find out you are a photographer and they want you to do shoots for them. I am OK with that. I have done a few, and they usually work out good. This is one of those cases.

My wife's best friend Carolyn wanted me to do a shoot for my 'niece' Lindsey Mueller. Lindsey had just recorded a single with a local music producer and was looking for some cover art for a CD sampler. How could I pass that opportunity up?

Lindsey is a pretty girl and I figured we'd have a lot of fun shooting together. It turned out I was right. We did two more sessions together after this one.

I was still using some of my makeshift DIY gear for this shoot. I had built a better PVC frame for my backdrops. I also had some real backdrops at this point. I set it all up in my living room and we shot for about two hours as I recall. Lindsey changed a couple of times, and we got some very cute shots of her.

Now it had been a while since I had shot any kind of portraits, so I was a little rusty on what I wanted to get from these shots. I also think I was a little overly excited to have someone to shoot who going to use the images in a professional manner and who had some actual model type presence even though we were really both amateurs in the larger scheme of things.

Lindsey had a very playful, but non-serious approach to modeling for me, and I got frustrated pretty quickly doing shots with her dog, or stopping for phone calls ro to talk to her mom. It was not the most fulfilling shoot, but it did net some images I really liked. I am rather fond of the image of her with her fingers in her ears. To this day I still go back and look at that one.

She ended up selecting the last image in the black jacket for her CD cover. One of these days I will find a copy and add it here for people to see. The CD never went much farther than a few desks around LA from what I know, but it was out there. My first CD cover!

We'll discuss working with Lindsey in a couple of other stories in this section. For now, let me know what you think of these iamges on my Facebook or Google+ pages.

Enjoy the images below.