Hollywood Collector's Show

Photographed 7/16/2006
Photographer: David Arnspiger

The Cindy Morgan Juggernaut rolled into Burbank in July of 2006 for the summer Hollywood Collector's Show at the Burbank Airport Hilton. I was invited to join her as her photographer for the day. She had a table at the front of the room with Bruce Boxleitner celebrating their teams ups in both TRON and Bring 'Em Back Alive. Added bonus, Jay Maynard, the TRON Guy was appearing with her. That made for some funny moments, especially with Bruce who did not know how to react to Jay.

Nothing about this event was a learning experience for me. I was already very familiar with behaving around celebrities, and I had shot photos at events like this before, although on a slightly more amateur status than this.

I think the best thing was the feeling of being at home in the midst of these people who live in this insular world or fame. I think Bruce Boxleitner was more uncomfortable there than I was, or at least he seemed so at the time.

We sat at Cindy's table near the front and I would get up and take shots as certain people stopped by or when things got interesting. Cindy was selling one of my photos still for autographs and every time someone selected that image from her table of offerings I was proud. She even pointed me out a few times to people who asked about the shot. Several celebrities took my card, but nobody ever called. I tried not to take it personally.

It was a great day. My friend Dana, who is a major TRON fan like me, showed up about mid-afternoon and we ended up taking some shots of her and other people, including myself, standing with Bruce and Cindy. Everyone was very patient and we had a blast.

It was the last of these shows that I went to. My falling out with Cindy occurred later that year and we stopped being friends in 2007 as I recall. I still like Cindy, and I hope someday we will talk again and laugh about it, but for now I will just enjoy these memories.

Enjoy the images below.