The First Time - Boston Area

Photographed 1999
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Every photographer has that first time. The first photograph they took where they felt like a photographer. This was mine, The Old North Bridge. The place where the shooting in the Revolutionary War began.

I was packing my first digital camera, a Canon Powershot S40, a 4 megapixel beauty that I loved and a shitty tripod I bought for $20.

This is the first image that I ever thought of conceptually in my head and then executed. I planned this shot. Scoped out the area looking for the shot.

I am fascinated by American history and I saw this sort of image in my head. I knew I wanted a beautiful shot of this amazing place. I got it.

People who saw this image would compliment me. They told me I would be a great photographer, that it ought to be in a calendar, that I should do more like it.

This picture was the one that set my future as a photographer.

Enjoy the images below.