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Shelby II

If you've looked us over and like what you see, use the information below to get in touch and let's make some "traumantic" images together.

David Arnspiger, Owner/Photographer
Fort Collins, CO
Phone: 818-642-7179
Email: traumantic@traumantic.com




I founded Traumantic Software in Sherman Oaks, California in 1989 as a consulting company supporting individual and networked PCs.

I started focusing on photography in the mid-1990s after people started commenting on several of my images. Over the next 10 years I continued to improve and gathered better gear and started to shoot for fun.

I relaunched as Traumantic Studios in January of 2006 focused on photography. I prefer to shoot portraits, pinups and creative projects. Take a look at my portfolios above, or take a really deep dive into my world in my stories section above.

We hope that our photos will give you a "traumantic" experience every time, and keep you coming back in the future.

Questions And Answers
Q: Where do you work?
A: My studio is in the basement of my home. To make that statement a bit less creepy, we have a video to introduce you to the space here.

Q: Do you allow guests in your studio?
A: I prefer no guests, but if a model wants to have a companion for our first couple of shoots, I do allow a single guest in my home. For shoots involving nudity, my preference is that the model have a companion to assist them.

Q: What does it cost to work with you?
A: Nothing, zero, zip, nada. I do photography for fun. I do not feel the need to monetize it. I simply want to make great picures with other people who want to make great pictures.

Q: Do you pay?
A: Since I do not charge for my time, I am not in a position to pay big bucks for talent. I am always open to other options like content creation for the models use. In certain circumstances I might be able to pay, but for the most part I work with those who have no budget just like me and still want to make great images.

Q: Why do you share so many images, especially the bad ones?
A: You may have heard that the best thing to do is to 'only show your best work'. Probably good advice, but it isn't who I am. My portfolios section shows my best images, the 'good advice'. However, if you are looking for more, I have my stories section, where I ignore the 'good advice'. The reason I share these images is so that I can talk about the learning process of taking those shots. This section of my page is for the people who want to see behind the scenes. What I have done, how I did it and what it taught me. What makes me the photographer that I am.

Q: We were talking and then the communication stopped, what happened?
A: Generally, this situation is not on my end. If I ask a question and do not get a response, I tend to drift on to the next thing. If people don't keep up the communication, I don't push myself on them. I will simply assume interest is lost and move on. If I am wrong, please do let me know by communicating.

Q: Do you have references?
A: I am becoming reasonably well known in the Northern Colorado model community. There are many models who can tell you about me. I would be happy to put you in touch with anyone I have worked with before. Please check out my feedback section below for some of my reviews.

Q: How do I know you won't push me to do something I am uncomfortable with once I get into your studio?
A: First, I am not a sleazeball. Second, we will always discuss a project prior to shooting. I always ask what your boundaries are, and I will NEVER push you to go past those boundaries. It's not how I work, there are no ugly surprises in my studio. NOTE: For any shoot involving nudity, I prefer that the model has an assistant to help them so we can maintain professional separation.

Q: How quickly do I get images back?
A: I am super speedy in most cases. Occasionally life gets in the way, but I always try to turn around images within a week.

Q: How many edits do I receive?
A: I know this annoys other photograhers, but if you like 70 images from our session, I might very well provide final edits of all 70 images. I don't have limits, and I don't charge for editing time.

Q: Can I sell the pictures?
A: This is a subject for discussion. Depending on the circumstances, most personal promotion cases I allow. Anything more commercial, Davey gots to get paid! We can discuss as those circumstances occur.

I will add more Q&As to this area as they occur to me.

When my son was 5 he was watching the opening scene of Star Wars when Princess Leia's ship is being chased by the giant Star Destroyer. Afterwards, he rushed out to the living room to tell my wife and I about it.

In his excitement to describe what he saw as either 'tremendous' or 'gigantic', those words were squashed together and the word 'traumantic' popped out. I think it is pretty cool to have your company name be inspired by Star Wars.

It was silly at the time, but it stuck with me. When I went to start my own company a year or two later, Traumantic was the perfect fit.


I am proud of the work I have done, but it's nice to hear praise from others. Here are a few reviews from previous clients regarding the work I have done for them.

If you'd like to add one of your own, please email it to me and I will put it here.

Life Gurus has nothing but amazing things to say about David. He's, professional, detail oriented and always makes sure his models are comfortable! We can come to him with any vision in mind and he will bring it to life on his studio.
Life Gurus Denver (Amanda and Nancy} - Five shoots so far!
David is one of my favorite photographers to work with. It's always a relaxed and fun environment. His work is so creative and unique. Definitely some of my favorite. I highly recommend.
Whitney Borchard - Four shoots so far!
I did my first shoot with David today and he is the best photographer by far! He is detail oriented and the pictures turned out amazing! He's flexible with what you'd like done for your photos and is a sweet man! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for pictures taken! Amazing experience!
Kathryn Hastings - Shot January 19th, 2019.
You guys, I'm bursting at the seams with love for this shoot. I tell everyone David is my favorite photographer and I mean it. He is such a great human, and he has a unique way of capturing the soul. (DAVE NOTE: Second great review in a row from Emily, love it!)
Emily Yarberry - Shot July 19th, 2018.
I would recommend shooting with Traumatic Studios. David is incredibly professional with his photography, yet compassionate enough to help me model with complete comfort. His talent and sense of humor make shooting a great experience that leaves you with some outstanding images.
Emily Yarberry - A review from 2018 on my Facebook site.
Fantastic photographer and overall just a wonderful person! He did our initial shoot and I'm super pumped as I think it was actually wonderful!
Elena Mathys - A review from 2018 on my Facebook site.
I can't believe I haven't left a rating yet! Working with David is one of my favorite things to do. He's a great guy with amazing pictures! I recommend him to everyone. (Dave here. Mollie did in fact leave an earlier recommendation, I just hadn't posted it yet when she wrote this one!)
Mollie Mellick - A review from 2018 on my Facebook site.
David is not only a great person he is also very passionate about his photography. He thinks outside of the box and brings people and things to life in ways others could never do.
Jason Sabin - A review from 2017 on my Facebook site.
Excellent Top-Rated photography sessions from David Arnspiger! Enjoy his top-rung, Quality Service, easy-going personality, work ethic and most of all the price is right!
Veronica Alicino - Shot July 2012 - A review from 2016 on my Facebook site.
Professional from start to finish! I wanted pictures to represent my 30's. I couldn't be happier with the results! David was kind, inspiring, and patient. His work made me feel like a model.
Jill Danielle - Shot January 2012 - A review from 2016 on my Facebook site.
Thank you, David Arnspiger, for being such an awesome photographer!
Goldie Goldsmith - Shot May and August, 2014 - Spontaneous comment after a reposted image stirred a lot of likes for Goldie.
Working with David was a lovely experience and I definitely plan to work with him again. He provided a very relaxing and professional atmosphere along with amazing pictures. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
Mollie Mellick - Shot July and September, 2016
David has been one of the best photographers we have had the chance to work with. I have been in many local bands and worked with a lot of different photographers from professional to amateur and pound for pound he has been the best one to date. He made us all feel super comfortable and made a lot of jokes. I mean the man helped us dig a grave (to place a prop body in) I can't thank him enough.
Jeffrey McMeans - Shot January 26th, 2015
We were very impressed with the photos, professionalism, and your willingness to share them. I passed your information along to a coworker who may be planning a Vegas wedding next year.
Adele Maxson - Shot December 6th, 2014
As a comedian for over 25 years, I have been in front of the camera many times. My experience with David Arnspiger of Traumantic Studios was a facil one. I never once noticed his presence while performing. He had an organic sense of capturing a moment. Each shot I saw, I knew the moment, the punchline...time stands still. Memories are those flickering lights of flight too often obscured by the play of light of time. Let David capture your moments of memory, the light of time will forever be illuminated that way.
Kento - Shot July 25th, 2014
We loved working with you and there is nothing but love whenever we post another of your photos. We are very proud of them.
Jenna Syde - Shot May 26th, 2012
When I asked David to take my picture for my professional use in various places for publication I knew he would do a good job. I was concerned and nervous because I don't like how I appear in photographs and I am uncomfortable with being in the view of a camera.

David not only took beautiful pictures but he was able to capture some of my personality behind just the face in the picture. When I look at my picture I actually enjoy showing it and have it being out there for the public to view.

He made me feel relaxed, safe and at ease. Thank you David. You have my highest recommendation a 10 out of 10!

Jill Zinner - Shot July 23rd, 2011
We have been very pleased with David's photography over the years. He has done family portraits, graduation pictures and two weddings for our family. The best thing about working with David is he is professional yet easy going. My husband does not like having his picture taken. Period. David put him totally at ease and got some of the best shots of him to date.

I have also worked with David and his team on two high school reunions which included him making a video program to play at the reunion, candid and posed shots during the reunion and a memory disc made from all of the above. His prices were comparable to the "recommended" photographers with his work being far superior to what they provided.

I'm sure we will be calling upon David in the future!

Darlene Prichard Kroah - Shot August 3rd, 2013
I still can't believe that Dave got such an amazing smile and pose from our 9-year old daughter who utterly refuses when we try to take her picture. Thanks, Dave, you're a wonder!
Eric Zala - Shot May 19th, 2013
Getting some GREAT auditions from your head shot!
Veronica Alicino - Shot June 7th, 2012
Five Star review on Facebook
Jennifer Beckwith - Shot February 6th, 2011, and January 29th, 2012
My family and I are extremely pleased with the casual family photographs that you took of us at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank prior to my son entering the Navy.

Everything looked natural and not posed . . . exactly what we were looking for. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Robert Brewster - Shot October 23rd, 2011
Five Star review on Facebook
Demarie Day - Shot December 13th, 2010
When looking for a photographic representation that stirs up emotions, and captures the unique beyond your average photographer, David Arnspiger of Traumantic Studios is all this, and MORE.

David captured the most amazing location modeling/portfolio shots of my step-daughter, not to mention that every on-location/event he has shot, he captures the entire essence of life and I am happy to recommend his skills for your shoots.

Deborah Vavra (Morgan Wolter, Model) - Shot October 10th, 2010
Five Star review on Facebook
Julie MacDonald - Shot January 30th, 2010
Working with David was a pleasure every step of the way. In addition to being accommodating and professional, he really made us feel comfortable with the process. His shots came out great and he just made things so easy for us.
Elliot Randall - Shot November 24th, 2009